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Compact FSGreat experience and high technology allowed Westen to develop Compact FS, a wide range of cast iron floor standing boilers.
Distinguished by the compact size, Compact FS is available in 3 different models, open or fanned flue, heating only and combi with storage. Compact FS output range is from 40 to 62 kW. Compact FS heating only models, can be easily connected to a 80-120 lt indirect cylinder.







Minimal size

Open flue  

Up to 62 kW

Cimpact FS: tradition and innovation in only 35 cm

> Electronic flame modulation and gradual automatic ignition

> Two heating temperature possible ranges: 30/85°C and 30/45°C

> COMFORT position

> Boiler block made of cast-iron sections

> Stainless steel burners

> Full anti-frost device
> Heating mode timer option

> Outdoor sensor voption

> Electronic temperatures control by NTC probes

> Self-check automatic control system

> Overheat limit thermostat for the main heat exchanger

> System to prevent pump sticking operating every 24 hours

1.400 iN
1.490 iN
1.620 iN
Maximum heat input (nominal)
kW 44,4 54,1 69
Maximum heat output (nominal)
kW 40 48,7 62,2
Maximum efficiency (nominal)
% 90,1 90 90,1
Cast iron sections
  6 7 9
Cast iron boiler water capacity
l 17,4l 20,2l 25,8l
Flue tube
Ø mm 160 160 180
Net weight
kg 150 174 224
Dimensions h x w x d
mm 850x350x635 850x350x725 850x350x875
Gas type
  Natural gas/
Natural gas/
Natural gas/


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